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Jovi & Gunner

As one who has been entrusted over the years with the care of many dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, and other little creatures, I have developed a great bond for my furry little family members and view them as such. If you are one of those people who regard your pets as family, you will know exactly what I’m talking about here.

After my husband and I had been dating for a few years and were engaged to be married, we were presented with the opportunity to adopt a Boxer puppy. He was a sweet little thing whose brother nearly died after inhaling a piece of puppy chow. Gunner quickly became a huge part of our lives, however my apartment I lived in would not allow for puppies. In fact, most rental options we looked into would not even consider a dog under a year old and would definitely not entertain renting to the parents of a puppy that would grow to be approximately 100 pounds! As a homeowner and real estate agent now, we completely understand this standard having seen many of our clients’ homes destroyed by tenants who were not the cleanest pet parents.

After we were married and fully emerged in all of the joys of puppy-parenthood, we purchased our first home together. It was very liberating to feel the freedom from worry that the landlord would stop by and blow us out of the water because Gunner had yet again dug a war trench in the backyard. Well, he had to protect us from the terrorist neighborhood cat, and how else was he going to execute a sneak attack without the ability to take cover in his trenches, right? So, after signing enough paperwork to take down a forest, Gunner made his romping ground in his new 1/4 acre fenced in back yard complete with doggie door to allow him to come and go as he pleased without tearing up the storm door as he had in our rental home (yes, of course we replaced it). We still live in this home today and have raised three daughters here as well as several other critters.

Gunner passed away this year after battling Lymphatic Cancer. We look back with such fond memories of how he was the reason that we got married when we did and purchased our home at that specific time. If we had not had the opportunity to adopt him when we did, we may have stayed in our rental for a few more years missing out on some really great benefits as homeowners, as well as some incredible happy memories as parents of such a sweet animal.

Our Gunner ~ Rest in Peace, Wedding Puppy

Our Gunner ~ Rest in Peace, Wedding Puppy

As of today we only have 2 dogs, Jovi, a mini-schnauzer (named after Jon Bon Jovi by my daughter) and Brian, a yellow lab who has taken over our hearts with his child-like spirit and orneriness.

Brain at the Beach

Brain at the Beach

We are so thankful to own our home and have the freedom and ability to adopt puppies who need homes without the hassle of a landlord or property manager telling us who we can welcome into our home. If you are ready for this kind of freedom to enjoy all the joys of becoming a pet parent, check out my website for some great home-ownership options, and call me to find out how easy it is to get financing on a new home in North Carolina. My hope is that every person who would ever have it in their hearts to truly take care of a furry little family member would be fully equipped with all of the resources needed to be the best parent they could be, including an excellent place to call your family home.

If you would like more information about becoming an owner of a Boxer, please visit Carolina Boxer Rescue.

For more information about adopting any pet in Jacksonville, NC, please visit Onslow County Animal Services.

Heidi Turner, REALTOR/Broker

Keller Williams Realty, Jacksonville, NC